Can I update my site if I'm off campus?

The production instance of Cascade will allow logins anywhere with Internet access. You'll have a secure and protected session similar to when you use online banking. Make sure you use the link to access cascade.  If you wish to access the test instance off campus ( you'll need to have a connection to the JMU network and have a hard-wired Internet connection.

How do I report a bug or error message?

Please contact JMU Information Technology Help Desk. The Help Desk will route your issue to the appropriate party to help resolve the problem.

Will Cascade ensure compliance with accessibility standards?

Cascade provides resources to remain compliant with accessibility standards. To maintain and meet these standards will heavily rely on compliance of individual web administrators and contributors. We strongly encourage users to take the time to fill in all fields in the content and metadata tabs when creating content. When filled in completely and correctly will help meet accessibility standards. For more information about meeting accessibility standards, we offer a few tips in a separate article.

Will Cascade work with my browser?

Cascade will work on most modern browsers. However, there are a several quirks for each browser.  See this tutorial for more information on Browser configuration and quirks

Will existing URLs be redirected?

When you start setting up your site, identify what URLs you need to be redirected. The Cascade Implementation team will work with you to make sure all necessary URLs have the appropriate redirects.

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