Are there tools to review content before publishing?

Yes. One of our favorite features of Cascade is the ability to have a development/testing environment for Cascade. The test server can be accessed through an on-campus internet connection or through a VPN connection off-campus. The URL for the Cascade development server is:

To view your departmental site, you would use:

This feature allows you to make changes to your site and view them on a "live-to-you" server/environment before publishing to your public, live site.

Can I decide where my content goes in my template?

Once you select your template, you will be able to determine where your content lives within that specific layout. There may be some constraints depending on each template but for the most part there are flexible regions in each template option. When you start your migration process, the Implementation team will cover these options and work to address any concerns you may have regarding the placement of your content.

Can I keep my current site's template, design and colors?

Cascade houses a variety of templates. Templates are designed for the different areas around campus (i.e., Student Affairs, services area, academic units, etc.).

Each template contains dynamic regions and features allowing for customization while keeping themes of the JMU brand but also offering areas for you to incorporate your department's logos, colors, etc. When you meet with the Cascade Implementation team to set up your site, you'll go over available templates and customization options in greater detail.

Does everyone have the same template?

There are multiple template designs intended for areas across campus that share similar functions. Current template examples include academic/curricular (differentiating between college, department and program), extracurricular (mainly Student Affairs), services, centers and institutes, news and events, etc.

As Cascade continues to grow there will be opportunities for future templates. We welcome any idea, suggestions or feedback you may have regarding these templates. Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns about template designs.

How are templates assigned?

When your department is ready to start the migration process (this is usually after at least one person has completed Phase 1 and 2 training), you'll meet with the Implementation team to go over the specifics of your migration process. 

This consultation will include reviewing possible templates, providing the Implementation team insight into your content and audience needs and identifying the goals for your site. All of these factors contribute to helping determine what template will be the best fit for your department. Your team will be an essential part of the decision making process to determine your final template selection.

How do I promote my department's brand if all the templates are the same?

The best way to promote your department's brand will be through content and sharing your content with other sites in Cascade; however, there will be opportunities for visual brand representation. Each template will allow for your department's logo and some element of visual representation through images, slides, videos and written content.

And while all the templates in Cascade carry the JMU brand, there are noticeable differences in the layout of each template. When these different layouts are combined with targeted content (stories, events, images, videos, logos, etc.) specific to your department, we hope you'll see how you can still elevate your department's while still using Cascade.

How will my department's logo fit into the new template?

Each logo provides the ability and space to incorporate your own logo. You can upload your logo image similar to uploading any other image to your website. During the initial set up of your site, the Implementation team will be happy to go over potential places for your logo.

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