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Identify Jobs and Internships

In some ways, identifying open jobs and internships is fairly easy. The majority of people seeking jobs and internships rely on the obvious resources: websites posting opportunities, newspaper classifieds, and job boards on company websites.  

However, you should ask yourself the question, “Why do so many people use these resources?” It’s because they’re convenient. For this reason, it’s important to understand that every time you use these same resources, so are thousands of others. That means you are competing against that many other applicants! This convenience leads to frustration when progress in the job or internship search is limited.  

Finding jobs and internships will take effort on your part – go online, check out any reputable article, blog, or instruction on searching for jobs/internships and it will confirm that an effective search is not convenient or easy; opportunities will not fall in your lap unless you create them.

Effective Job and Internship Search Strategies

The best search strategies are those that reduce your competition. Career and Academic Planning offers programs and resources that help JMU students effectively conduct their job/ internship search.


Recruit-A-Duke is James Madison University’s online career services management system that provides JMU students access to internships, full-time jobs, career fairs, workshops, information sessions, practice interviews, and more.

Job Search and Internship Websites

Identify opportunities using these resources:

  • General Search Engines: These comprehensive job and internship posting sites can be helpful with any search.
  • By Major: Job/internship boards specific to your major or field.
  • By Geographic Region: Find jobs and internships in a certain city/state, as well as sites specific to the Harrisonburg area.
  • Internships and Summer Jobs: Browse internships, summer jobs, and other short-term opportunities.
  • Federal Jobs & Internships: With over 2.5 million civilian employees, the federal government is the largest employer in the United States! In order to succeed in this specialized job market, make sure that you know how to effectively conduct a federal search and get hired!
  • International Students: Find employers who sponsor H1 B visas.
  • Campus Opportunities: Part-time jobs and volunteering on campus and in the Harrisonburg area.

CAP Resource Center

Come to the CAP Resource Center to explore majors and careers as well as resources for conducting an internship, job, or graduate school search. Career educators, who are trained peer assistants, are available to assist you. You can also schedule a time to tour the Resource Center or browse our complete collection of books available in the Resource Center.


Networking is more than just meeting people or “schmoozing”. Networking gives you access to information that’s not always available to the general public. This lifelong skill is about talking to most anyone (friends, family, employers, colleagues, etc.), having conversations regarding the information you seek, and tapping into the “hidden job market”.

Customize Your Search

All job/internship searches are not alike. Schedule an appointment with CAP career counselor for more specific advice pertaining to your search. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling us at 540-568-6555.