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Prospective Students


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How to apply:

  • Contact a potential advisor

This is very important. You need to establish whether or not there is an advisor who you would like to work with and who is willing to take you on. When you identify potential advisors, you should list them on your application.

  • Apply to the graduate program online

The Graduate School has an online application system that you should use when applying. Make sure your application is complete, including letters of recommendation and a personal statement. Please note that the Biology Department's deadline is February 1st, not May as suggested by the general Graduate School guidelines.

  • Apply for financial assistance

All applicants to the graduate program in Biology are automatically considered for graduate assistantships; however, these assistantships are limited in number. Several other funding opportunities exist, including scholarships, assistantships and funding from the grant of a potential advisor. It is advisable to apply for financial assistance at the same time that you apply to the program. You should also mention in your application that you have applied for funding. The availability of funding can affect the number of students that are accepted.