JMU Arabic

The Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at James Madison University offers a major and a minor in Arabic. The Arabic minor is a program that began in the academic year 2009-2010. The program has been successful and has resulted in the formation of an Arabic major which has been offered from the academic year 2012-2013. Students completing either of these programs will have a better knowledge of Arabic language and a broad perspective on literature and culture of the Arabic-speaking world.

Why Take Arabic Courses?
- To satisfy the 2-year foreign language requirement.
- To satisfy 3 years of a foreign language requirement.
- To obtain a minor in Arabic.
- To major in Arabic.
- Arabic courses may be counted towards the International Business major, the Middle East track in the International Affairs major, the minor in Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations, and the minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.


Name E-mail
Shahin, Aram
Alhassani, Israa
Alsaadun, Nasser
Saeed, Ahmed

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