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Xiao Song

Michelle smiling outside

Home Country: China
Major/Minor: Quantitative Finance, Math
Graduation: May 2016

Why did you choose JMU?

As an international student from China, I am always impressed by how much help I can receive from JMU and the Office of International Program. The friendliness of people here in JMU is beyond all doubts. The growing international community allows each individual to have access to tons of helpful resources that will help us to fit in with the American college life.  Additionally, the JMU School of Business has a really good reputation around the nation. And it is also one of few schools that has Quantitative Finance major all around the U.S.

What is your favorite class?

COB 191, which is basic business statistics, might be my favorite class. I am really into using the mathematical and statistical method in the problem-solving process. Although mathematical education is emphasized all around the world nowadays, students usually doubt its usefulness in practical use. This course is the first one convincing me that mathematics and statistics are something that can make a huge difference in the practical world rather than something that are just theoretic.

Besides studying, how do you occupy your time?

Although I do spend a huge amount of time studying in the library, I am trying enrich my social life as well. Attending an appropriate amount of activities each semester in the Chinese organizations, Asian community and my social fraternity is indispensable. Other than that, working out regularly four to five times a week and playing basketball with my friends are really good ways to release my pressure.

What clubs/activities are you involved with at JMU?

I am currently active in Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Tau Kappa Epsilon social fraternity and Asian Student Union. Holding some events to enrich the lives of JMU Chinese students and anybody who are interested in the Chinese culture is what we mainly do in CSSA. Being in a social fraternity and hangout with my brothers keeps me having access to some authentic American culture. The culture show held by ASU provides us another opportunity to show our talents on stage and advocating the Asian culture to JMU community. Additionally, I am planning on being more active in ISA, which is International Student Association.

What do you like best about JMU?

Everybody, literally everybody here in JMU is willing to offer some helps. There is no doubt that international students will face countless issues in the process of studying in a new country, having those helpful people got your back really makes life a lot easier. Also, the students here are really cohesive, everybody take himself/herself as a member of the big JMU family, facing the problems together, being proud together, have fun together. 

What advice would you give to international students who are considering studying at JMU?

Do not be afraid of asking questions. We LINKers and other people are here to help you!! What's more, from my observations, for the students who are more willing to ask questions, it's easier for them to fit in the American college life. The more problems solved, the less problems remaining, the more successful you will be.