Thu Nga (Neena) Nguyen

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Computer Information Systems


Fall 2016

Why did you choose JMU?

As soon as I saw the picture of the beautiful quad, which caught my attention while I was scrolling down JMU’s admissions web page, I knew I wanted to go here. After doing some research about the school, I found out that JMU has strong business programs, especially for Computer Information Systems major, which stood out to me. Moreover, JMU has the perfect location for me to enjoy the climate, visit my friends who study in this area, go on trips to the nearby cities, and travel back and forth regularly with the international airport only 2 hours away. Coming to JMU was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What is your favorite class?

As a member of Madison International Learning community, a tight-knit community whose participants live together in Hoffman hall and share the interest about different cultures, languages, and countries, I took a 1 credit class in my freshman year called UNST 150 Global Learning and Living. Through a series of exciting intercultural programs, events and classroom-based activities we learned how to think locally and globally, see things from different perspectives, and “act with intercultural competence”. This class gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn about and get engaged with international students as well as develop relationships with United States residents.           

Besides studying, how do you occupy your time?

I spend a lot of time playing sports in my free time. I go to UREC or UPark with my friends almost every weekend to stay fit and we enjoy our time playing basketball, soccer, volleyball, table tennis, dodgeball or any other kinds of sport activities you can ever imagine. My favorite things at UREC are the rock climbing wall and the swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, where you can relieve stress after a long week of studying.

What clubs/activities are you involved with at JMU?

With my culturally and linguistically diverse background, I have a huge interest for cultures and languages. I am currently the Social Chair of JMU International Student Association. I am also an active member of other cultural organizations, such as Vietnamese Student Association and Asian Student Union, whose culture shows I always perform in. Besides my passion for cultures, I love playing sports. I am a member of JMU intramural soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, and flag football teams.

What do you like best about JMU?

Three words – CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, OPPORTUNITIES. I fell in love with this school - the campus filled with enthusiasm everywhere, the beautiful quad where you can chill out with your friends, the magnificent campus architecture, the Kissing Rock where you can lay on and watch the stars, the breathtaking view of the sunset that you can enjoy sitting on the swing at East Campus, the most delicious food (#6 best campus food in the nation) to eat at more than 13 different places on campus. I fell in love with its people who will always open and hold the doors for you. The warm and welcoming atmosphere created by this friendly community that is always willing to help you makes it feel like home. You truly understand the meaning of "bleeding gold and purple" as you feel the great sense of school spirit pride here. Unity and support, positivity and kindness is all about JMU community. Lastly, JMU offers enormous amount of opportunities to become involved. Whether you are interested in sports, cultures, cooking, or dancing, you will definitely find your club or organization here at JMU      

What advice would you give to prospective international students?

Utilize all resources to maximize your output. JMU provides so much support to help students succeed. All kinds of services and consultations are available here for you – from tutoring and relaxing massage sessions to planning your class schedule and setting out your future career goal. A lot of these services are found at the new Student Success Center, which became a life saver for many students. It is easier than ever to find assistance in any kinds of matter, either to get an academic support or to deal with mental problems. Even if you are not seeking for any particular help, using the university resources, like practicing your interview skills or improving your writing skills, can be a great way to “invest” in yourself. As for me, I go to JMU Career and Academic Planning to get my resume reviewed every once in a while or whenever I have problems with writing papers. The University Writing Center and English Language Learning Services are always there for me.            

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