Jonathan Lo

Home Country: USA

Major: Media Arts and Design

Graduation: May 2018

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Why JMU? 

When I first stepped foot onto JMU’s campus on July 29, 2013, I instantly fell in love with the beautiful campus and friendly atmosphere. JMU stuck out as one of my top choices throughout my senior year, and I ending up choosing it over other schools such as George Mason University, and Virginia Tech. With the classes I’ve taken, people I’ve met, clubs I’ve joined and experiences I’ve had, JMU has proven to be the right choice and I haven’t regretted it for a second.

What's your favorite class?

My favorite class I’ve taken at JMU has to be HD Video Production (SMAD 302). The professor, Glenn Osten Anderson, combined lectures and hands on projects to create an enriching learning experience. One of my passions is videography, so it was great to learn more about the topic. 

Besides studying, how do you occupy your time?

Besides studying, I spend my time watching horror movies and TV shows such as American Horror Story, Black Mirror, and This s Us. I also really enjoy shooting and editing videos. Last semester, I started baking cookies, and I do it every once in a while to relieve stress.

What clubs and activities are you involved with at JMU?

At JMU, I am in the Film Committee in University Program Board, and a general member in Asian Student Union, Chinese Student Association, and the other Asian organizations.

What do you like best about JMU?

My favorite thing about JMU is the people. Everyone is so friendly, genuine and caring. When I first came to JMU, I wasn’t sure if I would fit in, but everyone here is so nice and approachable that it made my transition to college a lot easier.

What is the one thing you wish you had known about JMU prior to arriving on campus?

I wish I knew about all the different opportunities and experiences JMU has to offer; from all the different clubs to sports and activities, there is something for everyone.

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