What's life really like as a JMU international student?

Meet the LINKers, Leaders for International Networking and Knowledge. These current students help connect international students like you to the rest of the JMU community. Read their profiles below.

Ask us a question! Send an e-mail to link@jmu.edu. In the subject line, tell us the name of the LINKer(s) you want to connect with.

Herald Adowei

Herald Adowei ('17)
Major: Geology

Juxian Bao

Juxian "Carrie" Bao ('17)
Major: Economics and Quantitative Finance

Alex Bustillos

Alex Bustillos ('17)
Mexico and U.S.A.
Major/Minor: Major in International Affairs with a minor in Economics

Christina Byun

Christina Byun ('17)
Major: Psychology

Minh Huynh

Minh Ngoc Huynh ('16)
Major: Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Sneha Jeksani

Sneha Jeksani ('18)
Major: Biotechnology, Pre-Med

Yaeni Lim

Yaeni Lim ('17)
S. Korea, Saudi Arabia, and U.S.A.
Major: Math

Bhoomi Manjunath

Bhoomi Manjunath ('18)
Major: Business Management

Neena Nguyen

Thu Nga "Neena" Nguyen ('16)
Vietnam and Russia
Major: Computer Information Systems

Toan Pham

Toan Pham ('18)
Major: International Business

Kayla Rini

Kayla Rini ('18)
Major: Geographic Science

Arushi Sachan

Arushi Sachan ('18)
U.A.E. and India
Major: Marketing

Mona Sheikh

Mona Sheikh ('17)
Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia
Major: Finance

Ruth Taye

Ruth Taye ('18)
Major: Computer Information Systems

Mya Thwe

Mya (Kate) Myet Thwe ('17)
Myanmar/ Singapore
Major: International Affairs

Yifei Zhang

Yifei Zhang ('17)
China/ United States
Major: Economics/Computer Information Systems

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