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Pre-Professional Programs

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Pre-Professional Teacher Licensure Program Snapshot - Middle School Education


The undergraduate pre-professional program in middle education is designed to prepare teachers of grades 6-8. This program provides the requisite course offerings and experiences that form the foundation for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program. The JMU middle education program is based on the following four assumptions:

  • Classroom teachers should possess a broad liberal education that provides a context for understanding individual behavior and major social issues in a contemporary democratic and technological society.
  • Middle level classroom teachers should possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the content areas in which they teach and understand essential cross disciplinary concepts related to the respective content areas.
  • Middle level classroom teachers must have extensive professional knowledge and be able to practice and demonstrate teaching skills that are effective and appropriate for students between the ages of 10 and 14.
  • Middle level classroom teachers must have strong problem-solving skills, must be reflective in professional thought and practice, and must be ethically, morally and professionally responsible. 

Undergraduate Major(s): Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Offering Academic Unit: Department of Middle, Secondary & Mathematics Education

Education Licensure: M.A.T.

Offering Academic Unit for Education: Department of Middle, Secondary & Mathematics Education

Undergraduate Catalog Website:

Coordinator: David Lane

Notes: All students pursuing a teacher licensure program must meet with their major adviser and an education adviser. Students must apply to teacher education and be accepted before they can take education courses.