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The biotechnology major is administered through Cross Disciplinary Studies.

The major is built upon a strong foundation of basic science courses in the first two years that include biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Biotechnology transition courses provide a bridge to upper division study which includes a core curriculum of biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology and bioethics courses. A unique aspect of the major is an individualized set of concentration courses.

Fifteen credit hours are devoted to concentration courses. The three broad areas of concentration serve a variety of student interests:

  • a research concentration prepares students for graduate school or entry into a research laboratory
  • an industry concentration prepares students for entry into the biotechnology industry
  • a customized concentration may be developed for a specialized area of study such as bioinformatics, genomics and agricultural biotechnology

Degrees Offered






Declaring the Major

New Freshmen and Transfer Students
Students should declare the biotechnology major when they register for orientation.

Currently Enrolled Major Changers 
Students should complete a "Change or Declaration of Major" form and obtain the signature of the department head, Bioscience Building, room 2001.

Progressing in the Major

Students must complete BIO 140, CHEM 131 and CHEM 131 lab before taking any other major courses.

A grade of at least "C-" must be achieved in BIO 140, CHEM 131 and CHEM 131L to progress in the major.

Continuing in the degree program requires that students meet the progression requirements in each of the cognate departments.

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