James Madison Universitys

Environmental Information Systems Program

(undergraduate minor)

Dr. Steven P. Frysinger, Director




The interdisciplinary minor in Environmental Information Systems is designed for undergraduates interested in using computer and information management technology to solve environmental problems and improve environmental stewardship. Some examples of Environmental Information Systems are database systems to track and report hazardous materials in factories, decision support systems to facilitate risk analysis and management, GIS-based natural resource inventory systems, and automated business management systems to support and document environmental compliance.


The Environmental Information Systems minor requires a minimum of 24 credit hours. Core courses are intended to ensure knowledge of the foundation disciplines. Electives should be chosen in consideration of the student's particular interests within the general field of environmental information systems. At least one elective course must be outside of the student's major. Students are advised to check prerequisites of listed courses.


Minor Requirements


Core Courses


CS 139

Algorithm Development1

4 credits

ISAT 340

Software Development1

3 credits

ISAT 320

Fundamentals of Environmental Science & Technology I

3 credits

ISAT 321

Fundamentals of Environmental Science & Technology II

3 credits

ENVM 300

Environmental Geographic Information Systems

3 credits


Elective Courses


CS 159

Advanced Computer Programming1

4 credits

CS 474

Database Design and Application1

3 credits

GEOG 216

Geospatial Tools II Remote Sensing and GPS

3 credits

GEOG 366

Introduction to Geographic Information Science

3 credits

GEOG 385

Principles of Remote Sensing

4 credits

GEOG 466

GIS and Geographic Databases

3 credits

ISAT 341

Modeling and Simulation

3 credits

ISAT 420

Environmental Analysis and Modeling

3 credits

ISAT 426

Environmental Information Systems

3 credits

1or equivalent by permission of Director

Note:   CS 149, ISAT 242 and CIS 221 substitute for CS 139

            CIS 331 substitutes for CS 239

            ISAT 340 and COB 204 substitute for CS 274

            CIS 330 substitutes for CS 474

  GEOG 215 substitutes for ENVM 300

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