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 Renewing our CIVIL SOCIETY

Study Abroad

A RECORD 1,483 JMU STUDENTS STUDIED ABROAD in 2017-18, ranking Madison second among U.S. master’s-level universities and first among our peers in the number of students in short-term study abroad programs. But we owe it to our students and to society to do better: The persistent reason many students don’t go abroad is that they can’t afford it. Your support of JMU Study Abroad scholarships can make all the difference.


Study abroad programs vitalize JMU’s curriculum, preparing students for a profound educational experience and helping them integrate what they learn so they can apply it anywhere they go. Research shows that travel of this type — immersive, productive, contributive — boosts students’ creativity, career prospects, and commitment to helping others. 

Numerous study abroad programs with deep impact can carry your name when you support them with a leadership gift. Support, for example, the “Semester in …” programs, sending students to Antwerp, London, Salamanca, Florence, Scotland, or elsewhere with your named scholarship. Or name the Center for Global Engagement itself, establishing an endowment to support numerous scholarships, events, guest speakers and more to further international education at JMU.

Study abroad is not a vacation but a necessity. Opportunities to engage with the world in this way should not be restricted to an elite few who can afford the extra expense. Increase access to 90 exceptional programs around the world, helping those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to study abroad, and you are also helping us achieve our goal of renewing our civil society. Your investment makes sure this important part of the educational experience is within reach for every Duke who wants to cross cultural divides and go far.

For JMU’s study abroad programs to continue featuring robust faculty engagement, and for our programs to continue to be innovative and uniquely educative, additional funding is needed. Your investment can influence how professors teach here and abroad, enhancing their global perspective as we all work to renew our civil society at home and in the rest of the world. Ultimately, gifts supporting faculty and programs help introduce even more students to new experiences, internships and service opportunities.


Students who study abroad enjoy a 90 percent graduate school acceptance rate, 97 percent employment rate and 25 percent higher salaries. JMU Dukes abroad also contribute immeasurably to their host communities, in may cases leaving a lasting, positive impact on the people and places they visit. Our programs are much more than mere travel or tourism: They are life-altering, possibility-expanding, world-changing educational experiences. Your investment in JMU study abroad ensures that more of our students go far and return home even better prepared for informed citizenship and community leadership.



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