Cheri Beverly

Cheri Beverly

Department: Education Programs

Areas of expertise:

  • Access and Equity in Education
  • Cultural Competency 
  • Educating Educators 

Cheri Beverly is a professor of learning, technology and leadership education committed to developing culturally competent citizens and educators. Her work developing models of access, opportunity, encouragement and engagement in high quality learning opportunities grew from her work with learners with disabilities. By integrating issues of leadership, cultural competence and access into her research, she works to implement inclusion and equity practices in education. 

Her professional life began as a teacher of students with specific learning disabilities when the special education discipline was still relatively new. Through her work, she found that she could not separate the many dimensions of a learner or educator into singular facets. She focuses on understanding the complexities, complications and "messiness" of learning, educating and facilitating others' understanding. Dr. Beverly's efforts focus on growing citizens and educators capable of creating learning spaces and experiences that provide equitable access to, opportunity for and critical feedback about ideas, people, spaces and curriculum. 

She has worked with international educators as well as U.S. educators to facilitate their development of knowledge, skills and motivation when designing equitable learning spaces and opportunities. 

Media contact: Ginny Cramer,

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