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May 5, 2014

JMU Awarded the Outstanding Recycling Program Award

JMU and the FM Recycling team recently received the Outstanding University Award for Excellence by the Virginia Recycling Association (VRA).  Each year Virginia Recycling Awardthe VRA recognizes the best waste reduction and recycling programs in the state.

Highlights of JMU Recycling efforts include diverting approximate 64% of campus waste from the landfill, recycling a wider variety of materials, food donations, using sustainable materials and implementing a large scale composting program.  By 2012, over 542,000 pounds of food waste were composted. 

Jason Rexrode, Sam McGee, Tony Smith from FM along with Caroline Rust from Dining Services received the award on behalf JMU.  Jason credits the success of the recycling program to the Recycling/Housekeeping staff, JMU Dining Services, and Dawn Knight who assists with tracking information.