Are all of the courses completely online?

All courses are online with exception of the first session of the first course, which will meet at a location in northern Virginia. Accommodations to attend virtually will be made for students who are unable to travel or participate at the time the meeting is scheduled.

How many courses are included in the graduate certificate program?

The Cyber Intelligence graduate certificate program includes a total of 18 credit hours which has 7 new courses that will be offered in a co-hort model.  Courses required and available.

How much does this certificate program cost?

Please see tuition information.

Is there a description of courses available?

Yes. To see course by course description, please see "What is the Curriculum?"

Is there a tentative schedule of courses available?

Yes.  See cohort schedule.

Is an undergraduate degree required for admission?


What can I do with the Cyber Intelligence graduate certificate?

Apply for analytical positions in cyber security (e.g. cyber analyst, cyber intelligence specialist, cyber communications specialist, cyber threat analyst, healthcare cyber analyst, marketing cyber analyst, security operations center (SOC) analyst).

What can I read to get an overview of cyber intelligence?

Cyber Intelligence: Preparing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Threats, INSA, 2015

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