Changes Coming to New eVA – Change Orders on Purchase Orders Created in Current eVA


We have been alerted by eVA that as a result of the data conversion process on purchase orders created in current eVA migrated into New eVA, that these migrated POs will not be allowed to have change orders created.

What does this mean for you?

Although purchase orders from the last two years will be migrated into the New eVA platform, if a change order needs to be completed on a PO created in the current eVA, New eVA will not allow a change order to be completed. Users will be required to cancel a migrated PO and a new one created to handle any change orders.

Why is this change happening?

This is largely as a result of eVA converting existing purchase order numbers (EPs) to a new prefix, PO. In addition to renumbering any migrated purchase order. For example, EP3389298, would become PO10####. The existing EP number will still be searchable to bring up the migrated PO. In addition, while the prefix for PCOs will stay the same, those will also be renumbered.

What if I have to make changes to an existing PO or blanket order in New eVA?

Procurement will be issuing guidance on how to handle these situations as we get closer to cutover to ensure the previous purchase order is correctly referenced in the new PO, to minimize the possibility of a vendor duplicating the order, and to ensure JMU and vendors do not pay duplicate eVA transaction fees. If possible, we encourage you to make any needed change orders in current eVA by December 13th.

As for blanket orders, existing ones under $50,000.00 must be closed out by December 13th, see our communication about blanket orders for more information.

What about change orders on orders created in New eVA?

Orders created in New eVA will be able to have change orders created. This will only impact orders created in current eVA and converted into New eVA.

What if I need to complete a change order with an ad-hoc vendor?

Because orders that have an ad-hoc vendor on them will not be converted into New eVA, if any needed change orders are not completed by December 13th, we will have to work through a manual process to request these orders be changed or canceled.

When will Procurement have more information?

eVA is actively working through the data conversion implementation, so we will likely have other updates in the next month. Be sure to keep an eye out for eVA Listserv emails, our New eVA Updates page, and the New eVA Updates Communications Archive page.

-Procurement Services

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Published: Friday, October 15, 2021

Last Updated: Friday, October 15, 2021

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