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You may have seen our bulk email that was sent to all Faculty and Staff to provide an update about the launch of the state’s new e-Procurement system, eVA. As eVA users, we wanted to provide some additional information.

At this point, the state has not provided an exact cutover date for the new eVA system, but we do expect it to be between December 1st and December 31st.  As a result, it will be important to ensure that small dollar purchasing this calendar year be completed before leaving for Thanksgiving break and larger dollar purchases may have longer lead times due to the time frame in which we will be allowed to post solicitations. We ask that you communicate with others in your area that you order for. The sooner you can involve Procurement with your needs, the better!

 Also, please take into consideration the November SPCC recon period, and ensure that you have any needed confirming orders entered into eVA before December 1st.

We will be hosting two eVA/Procurement User Groups in October, look for a registration link in our September Newsletter. We hope to be able to share a high-level overview of the new eVA system and answer questions. There will be more training to come later in the fall.

  • October 19th – 9 am to 11 am – Festival Highlands Room
  • October 21st – 2 pm to 4 pm – Madison Ballroom

If you have not already bookmarked our eVA Updates page, be sure to check this regularly as we will post updates here as we get more information from Richmond as well as questions from you, our end users. Also, if you are new to JMU or eVA, we have a communications archive page with all the updates we have sent out about new eVA.

Thanks to everyone in advance for planning ahead and remaining flexible as we transition from one platform to another under the state’s direction.


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Published: Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 17, 2021

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