JMU Alum Shares Insights about Law School


SUMMARY: Recent philosophy graduate Greg Robertson ('22) returns to campus to participate in the College of Arts and Letters Career Readiness Conference.

Greg Robertson (Philosophy, '22) recently returned to JMU to participate in the College of Arts and Letters Career Readiness Conference.  The College of Arts and Letters puts on the conference every year to give current JMU students a chance to connect with alumni and learn from their experiences in order to prepare for their future careers.

Robertson's return to JMU included two guest lectures (in PHIL 120: Critical Thinking and PHIL 267: Philosophy of Law) and two panel sessions at the conference proper.  "I had a wonderful experience at the CAL Career Readiness Conference," Robertson said.  "The faculty and students were genuinely curious as to what the guest speakers had to say and were not afraid to explore topics through questioning the speakers." 

Robertson is currently a law student at West Virginia University, and he was especially keen to share how his background in philosophy helped to prepare him for the rigors of law school.  "JMU helped me to cultivate skills that are crucial to the practice of law.  The professors in the Philosophy Department at JMU challenged me to think critically, explore ideas, and communicate effectively all while maintaining an accepting and accessible learning environment." 

Robertson also stressed the importance of seizing opportunties while enrolled at JMU: "If I ever missed out on something, whether it be academic or social in nature, I could never say that it was because the opportunity was missing." 

Robertson had words for philosophy majors in particular: "When you study philosophy, you are joining the company of some of the greatest thinkers in history whose answers to immense questions form the foundation of our society.  Try to recognize the profoud nature of your major as the study of the fundamental building blocks of how we think and interact with each other and the world." 

Dr. Mark Piper, who invited Robertson to speak to both of his classes, had nothing but praise for Robertson's performance.  "Greg is a superb ambassador for the Philosophy program and the Department of Philosophy and Religion.  He is kind, respectful, intelligent, hardworking, articulate, and generous with his time.  He is mature beyond his years.  JMU can be very proud to have him as an alum."  Dr. Andrea Veltman, who served as Robertson's academic advisor in the Philosophy program, concurred: "Greg is a hardworking young man with a strong committment to social justice.  Few students have such intrinsic motivation for advanced study.  It is rare and deligtful to teach students like Greg." 

Robertson took away fond memories from his visit.  "Something that struck me during my visit was the earnest eagerness for growth and knowledege that characterizes JMU students. I was happy that such students were attending JMU because I knew that their thirst for knowledge and wisdom would be satisfied." 




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Published: Monday, February 26, 2024

Last Updated: Friday, March 1, 2024

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