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Contributor: Pamela Sanchez

Two years ago, I was a cute little freshman who, too many times, had forgotten her JACard (JMU Access Card) in her room and would only notice it when she needed to pay for her food. However, all of this changed when someone made her the happiest and fortunate person ever.

This one day, because I was really hungry and in a rush because with only 15 minutes to eat, I went to Market One (the best place to get good food to go) and got some pasta. With my food in hands I lined up to pay. But then, I realized that I didn’t have my JACard on me. “Oh my God!” was all I could say out loud as I realized it and noticed that it was almost my turn to pay.  My only choice was to talk with the lady at the cash register, so she could keep my food aside until I got my JACard. I was pretty upset, angry…. and hungry.

While I was talking with her, the guy that was standing next to me immediately offered to pay for my food. It was the best thing that had ever happened to me. You can’t imagine how happy I was, when he used one of his meal punch to pay for me. I thanked him like a thousand times while we walked from the cash register to the door. Up to this day, I haven’t seen him at all, but I will always remember how kind he was, along with his nice smile when he told me “Have a great day!”

Spring 2012: On Valentine’s day I was dying. My dear friend brought me a huge cup of tea!
On Valentine’s day I was dying. My dear friend brought me a huge cup of tea!

I just wanted to share this little story with you to show you that small actions make a huge difference. These actions come from good intentions, and not from wanting something in return because you never know if you will ever meet that person again. From holding doors to smiling faces, everything contributes to this gently, cozy and warm environment that make up JMU. “Be the change” truly is JMU’s motto. We surely are the change. Kindness comes in little packages that can be delivered or received every day.

I dare you to go outside and leave some change in the vending machine or put a sticky note on someone’s door. The little things, those details that most of the time we don’t notice, are the main source of happiness like a hot cup of green tea when you are feeling sick on Valentine’s Day. 

Tons of love and happiness to everyone!  Smile and enjoy your day appreciating the blessing of being alive!

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Published: Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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