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Duo Universal Prompt is Coming

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The look of the VPN login process is changing on Jan 9th at 9AM. Previously, the VPN asked for a secondary password early in the login process. Below is a screenshot of the current/old SSL (web-based) VPN login screen:

Old Web VPN Login

The desktop Ivanti Secure Access VPN client similarly prompted for a secondary password (Windows and Mac clients shown) after your eID and password were submitted:

Old Windows VPN Login

Old Mac VPN Login

After January 9, the login screen will change to the familiar style that you associate with other JMU systems:

New VPN Login

The new login process accepts your eID and password, and afterwards, you will complete Duo authentication.  After submitting the form above, you will see the new Duo Universal Prompt:

New VPN Login Duo Prompt

If would like to reduce the number of times you login to JMU systems in this browser, on your device, you may tell Duo that this is your device in the prompt that appears next:

New VPN Login Duo Device Confirmation 

By choosing “Yes, this is my device,” you will experience fewer authentication prompts over the next week as you sign in to other JMU systems or return to the VPN.

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Published: Thursday, December 14, 2023

Last Updated: Thursday, December 14, 2023

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