Telecom introduces PCR 360

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What we are doing
  • Telecom is migrating to a new software application called PCR 360.
    • PCR 360 will bring forth a long overdue Customer Portal, which will equip JMU departments with fingertip access to their bills and work orders. This web based solution will offer more flexibility.

Why we are doing it

  • Legacy billing system was limited in its ability to adapt to JMU/Telecom vision.
    • Program Review brought forth the desire for a Billing Customer Portal.
    • Telecom has engaged IT Training to develop a training program for the departmental telecom/billing coordinator’s use of the customer portal.
    • PCR provides us the ability to implement workflows and paperless processes.

What the benefits are and the impact to campus

  • Benefits -- Portal Access
    • Departmental telecom/billing coordinator's use of the customer portal.
      • Access Departmental Bills.
      • Create Service Orders (future feature release).
    • Network Services Collaboration.
      • Integration of campus network connectivity.
  • Impact -- Training
    • PCR login
      • More information to come regarding the training/approval/access procedure. Stay tuned!

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by Information Technology

Published: Monday, July 17, 2023

Last Updated: Thursday, April 4, 2024

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