Student checklist to end the semester

Information Technology-Computing

All Students

Email will be down beginning Friday, May 19th at noon until Monday, May 22nd. Afterward, you will need to log back in to your Dukes email using your eID password (same as MyMadison). Remember, this password expires every 90 days! Your Dukes email password will no longer be used after May 22nd!

OneDrive and Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) will be offline until Tuesday, May 23rd. Check the Dukes Migration page for updates.


Continuing Students

  • Check email regularly this summer & maintain your password.
  • Have a backup for Duo authentication.
    • Consider purchasing a Duo token from the Madison CyberZone in case you lose your primary Duo device.
    • Getting a new phone? Be sure to install Duo on it!


Graduating Students

Your Dukes account will be deleted in October -- prepare now!

  • Copy any files/recordings you want to keep from OneDrive, Canvas, Zoom, or any other JMU application to your own personal storage.
  • Consider purchasing Microsoft Office for your personal use. Your access to installed versions of Microsoft 365 applications (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) that have been used with your Dukes account will no longer be accessible in October. Microsoft often will offer a discount for alumni.
  • Update your contact info in MyMadison. You should also print and/or save your tax forms & other important info for your records.
  • Consider establishing an auto-reply on your Dukes email, notifying senders that your account will soon be deleted.

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by Information Technology

Published: Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Last Updated: Thursday, April 4, 2024

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