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Attention Data Stewards and Data Managers:

Internal Audit requires Information Technology (IT) to improve our Data Stewardship Standard compliance stance, specifically to the following statement in Section 3:

"Access to university data is requested using the appropriate Access Request Process. Requests may also be submitted by accessing the IT Service Portal directly. Supervisors are responsible for approving data access requests for their employees and must ensure they are properly trained and aware of their responsibilities in handling university data."

When IT receives an Access Request, a check is made into the HR Management System (HRMS) to confirm that the supervisor identified on the Request, matches the supervisor identified in the HRMS. In the past, IT could refer a mis-match to HR for review and approval.  

Effective 03/15/23, this referral process will no longer be available. Therefore, if a supervisor mismatch is identified, then IT will reject the Access Request. The HRMS will have to be updated with the correct Supervisor. Then a new Access Request with the correct Supervisor can be re-submitted using the appropriate Access Request Process.

IT would like to thank all the Data Stewards and Data Managers in advance, as we strive to meet the internal audit requirements and improve Data Stewardship Standard compliance.  


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by Information Technology

Published: Thursday, March 9, 2023

Last Updated: Thursday, April 4, 2024

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