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Account access timeline when leaving current role

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Please refer to the following timelines on when an employee loses access to JMU's systems when they (1) leave the university or (2) transfer to a new department.

Leaving JMU

  • Your department must list your final day of employment on the ePAR. On this date, Human Resources notifies the IT Department of your exit, and all of your access to central systems, including the N: Drive, is automatically removed, with a few exceptions (see below).
  • Under normal circumstances*, you will continue to have access to MyMadison, email, and Microsoft 365 during a “grace” period that is dependent on your employment classification:
    • Full and part-time employees: 30 days.
    • Adjunct faculty employees: 130 days.
  • If you retire and gain emeritus status, you will keep access to your email account, as well as the online version of Microsoft 365, so as long as you maintain a current password. Any emeriti account without a current password is subject to removal.

*In some cases, Human Resources may request that all of your access to JMU’s systems be removed, without any exceptions, immediately upon your exit. If this is the case, you will be notified prior to your departure.

Transferring to a New Department

  • Any access to JMU systems that you had previously been authorized to access by your previous department, such as HRMS, SA, and the N: Drive, is immediately removed when Human Resources notifies the IT Department of your transfer. Note: this does not include your personal file space.
  • Any access to a JMU system that your new position requires must be requested by your new department through using the Access request forms.
    • If you will be completing work for your previous department after you transfer, you must submit a request for temporary access with an end date included; without this request, any previous access will not continue when you transfer!

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Published: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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