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Research Area

How to speak to COVID-19

John Almarode

Science of learning

  • K-12 homeschool/virtual learning

Brad Barnett

Financial Aid

  • Impact on COVID-19-related layoffs and pay cuts on financial aid in higher education

Chris Berndsen


  • Adapted teaching so students are studying various aspects of COVID-19

Rebecca Brannon


  • The history of pandemics and what they can teach about how societies change long-term in response to pandemics, both positive and negative.

Audrey Burnett

Infectious diseases

  • How the virus infects human cells
  • Treatment
  • Prevention and control
  • Using the pandemic as an online case study assignment

Lennie Echterling

Resilience and thriving

  • Need to stay connected to others and how to accomplish that during social distancing

Lori Gano-Overway

Coaching Education

Exercise Science

  • Keeping kids active
  • How coaches can work remotely with athletes

Zachary Gochenour

Political economy

  • Local impact to Harrisonburg
  • Impact of stimulus bills being passed on the financial system, the country and individuals
  • How to get the economy back on track
  • The lasting impacts we will experience
  • Effect on the job market for college graduates
  • Effect on specific communities (ex: immigrant community)

Michele Kielty

Counseling and mindfulness

  • Techniques, strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Michael J. Klein

Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication

  • The conceptualization of disease through language
  • Media coverage of COVID

Melissa Lubin

Professional & Continuing Education

  • Understanding, adapting and leveraging your work and life preferences for working remotely and virtually
  • Tapping into aspects of your emotional intelligence to adopt new behaviors
  • Using the principles and processes of adult learning to adapt to new modes of working and living
  • Using the principles of adult learning and a coach approach to help others adapt and adopt to a new way of being

Cathryn Molloy

Rhetoric of health and medicine, mental health rhetoric

  • impact of race, class, and/or gender on health outcomes
  • how to speak to care providers when they judge your symptoms to be "in your head" and refuse to test you.
  • how stigma relates to COVD-19 care

Diane Wilcox

Instructional technology, instructional design, visual literacy

  • understanding online learning for JMU faculty

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Published: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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