• default image Football fiction
    December 24, 2012: Professor's comedic novel explores culture of SEC football
  • default image JMU's stewardship acknowledged by U.S. News
    December 17, 2012: JMU heads the list of five regional universities that operate most efficiently
  • default image Iraq and Back to JMU
    December 15, 2012: Justin Constantine ('92), U.S. Marine and recipient of the Purple Heart gives the keynote address to the Class of 2012 at JMU's December commencement.
  • default image JMU a top Fulbright producer
    December 14, 2012: Mathematics professor Dr. Anthony Tongen and art professor Sang Yoon help land JMU on prestigious list
  • 2012 Geospatial Semester Students JMU Outreach program gives high school students taste of college work
    December 13, 2012: Getting to school early to count cars, and then staying after school to do the same thing may sound like an odd way to prepare for college
  • Oumar Sacko Found in translation
    December 13, 2012: JMU's International Student Center combines coursework with study skills, cultural integration and English language training to help fully prepare international students for degree-level study.
  • default image Rhetoric and reasoning program open to students
    December 12, 2012: SGA supports spring semester program for students to improve rhetoric and reasoning skills
  • default image There's no debate: JMU team one of the best
    December 5, 2012: The James Madison University Debate Team is one of the top collegiate policy debate teams in the country
  • default image Scientific society names JMU biologist a Fellow
    December 3, 2012: Dr. Reid N. Harris, professor of biology, has been named a Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • 5Es-health-kids.jpg The Five E's of health
    December 1, 2012: The CDC characterizes American society as "obesogenic," focused on food intake, nonhealthy foods and physical inactivity. How, then, do we lead children to healthy adulthood? JMU alum and pediatric dietitian Dana Casendino ('06)...
  • Portrait of Justin Constantine Iraq and back
    December 1, 2012: For America's veterans the aftermath of war can be evidenced in post-traumatic stress, suicides and unemployment. Can that negative effect be reversed? Major Justin Constantine ('92) was faced with the challenge and found an answer.
  • Jeremy Hashiguchi Making a memorable senior year possible
    December 1, 2012: What has opened the door to possibilities, changed the future and helped dreams come true? Madison Forever.
  • Nathan Lyon ('94) competes on the Food Network Firing up the ratings
    December 1, 2012: Nathan Lyon ('94) competes on the Food Network By Hali Chiet ('07)

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