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The WRTC major emphasizes scholarly, humanistic and social scientific perspectives on the function and application of communication technologies, with instruction in areas such as: literacy studies, rhetorical traditions, writing pedagogy, editing, web theory and design, publications management, knowledge management, organizational and managerial communication, and writing for professional communities such as government, medical and scientific. In addition to offering students the rhetorical tools with which to excel as professional communicators, the B.A. and B.S. programs also prepare graduates for academic studies in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication at the master's level.

The study of writing, rhetoric and technical communication includes two concentrations in the undergraduate major: Technical and Scientific Communication and Writing and Rhetoric.

The B.A. and B.S. programs in WRTC are interdisciplinary and encourage students to take courses in a variety of fields. Many program electives are offered in academic units outside the institute, such as communication studies, computer information systems, computer science, integrated science and technology, and media arts and design.

Career Opportunities
In the WRTC major students learn the kinds of research, analytical and reasoning skills that will allow them to become successful professionals in a wide range of fields. WRTC graduates can expect career opportunities in writing, editing or production positions with a variety of business, educational or industry employers, including the computer hardware and software industry, law firms, journalism, health care providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, education, engineering companies, publishing houses, environmental concerns, not-for-profit or political organizations, and technical translation groups of multinational corporations.

Program Admission
Any student coming into JMU as a first year student without previous college experience may declare WRTC as a major. However, any student who has completed one semester at JMU or another university must apply to WRTC. To be admitted into the WRTC B.A. or B.S. program, students must first satisfy all university general admission requirements. In addition, applicants to the program must submit to the WRTC director an application dossier that contains the following material

Degree Requirements -- New for Fall 2012
Course requirements differ between the B.A. and B.S. programs and students are advised to maintain regular contact with their WRTC adviser to ensure timely graduation (see the recommended schedules to the right for details). Students are advised to begin the core requirements before selecting a concentration.

NOTE: WRTC has revised the degree requirements for students entering JMU beginning Fall 2012. Current WRTC majors can follow the older program requirements for the BA degree or BS degree. Please contact your WRTC adviser for assistance.

Course Descriptions -- New for Fall 2012
Course descriptions come from the 2012-2013 JMU undergraduate catalog.

Course Schedule
A schedule of current course offerings is available by logging into My Madison.

Internship Program
The WRTC internship is a required professional preparation for B.A. and B.S. students. It expects students to exercise the preparation that they received from their WRTC course work to design, write, edit and produce professional documents for internship providers in academia, business, industry and government. Information about internships may be obtained through the office of the department of WRTC.

Requirements for a Minor in WRTC -- New for Fall 2012
NOTE: WRTC now only offers a single minor in WRTC for students entering JMU beginning Fall 2012. Students previously minoring in TSC or W&R may complete these minors and have them appear on their transcripts.

For more information, contact your WRTC adviser.

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