Approved minutes from this meeting (Microsoft Word format)

The James Madison University Board of Visitors met Friday, June 6, 2003, in the Board Room of JMU's College Center. Following is a summary of actions taken by the board and key areas of discussion at the board meeting:

  • Tabled, on a 9-4 vote, a motion to remove race from JMU application forms. Board member Charles H. Cunningham of Fairfax had originally made the motion to remove race from the applications at the board's January meeting but a vote was delayed until the board received advice from the attorney general's office. Cunningham said that nothing has yet been received from the attorney general's office and he wanted to bring the matter to a vote. Other board members indicated they wanted to wait until hearing from the attorney general and until the Supreme Court has ruled on a pending suit on race-conscious programs. 
  • Elected the board's current vice-rector, Joseph C. Farrell of Richmond, as rector for 2003-04. The board term of the current rector, Paul J. Chiapparone, ends on June 30 and he is ineligible for re-appointment. William S. Jasien of Clifton was elected vice rector and Donna L. Harper, executive assistant to the president at JMU, was re-elected secretary. 
  • In separate reports to the board's Education and Student Life Committee, Student Government Association President Levar Stoney and student board of visitors representative Timothy A. Brooks both called on the board to reverse its April decision ordering the JMU Health Center to stop dispensing Emergency Contraception Pills to students. Stoney said that 3,000 students had signed petitions calling on the board to reverse its action. Neither the committee nor the full board took any action on the request. 
  • Approved an operating budget of $242.1 million for the 2003-04 budget year, a 4.6 percent increase over the current budget of $231.4 million. The budget is composed of $128.1 education and general (academic) programs; $88 million for auxiliary enterprises (support operations); $4.2 million for financial aid; $20.2 million in sponsored programs; and $1.6 million from the state's equipment trust fund. 
  • Charles W. King Jr., senior vice president for administration and finance, reviewed the timetable for projects that will be built at JMU through funds authorized by the bond issue passed last fall by Virginia voters. JMU will receive about $100 million in construction money. Completion dates of the major JMU projects are as follows: Harrison Hall renovation, spring, 2005; Miller Hall renovation, summer, 2007; Center for the Arts and Music Recital Hall, winter, 2009; east campus library, summer, 2010. 
  • Approved the establishment of a master of occupational therapy degree program. 
  • In his report to the board, JMU President Linwood H. Rose:

    • Told the board that the State Council of Higher Education has issued a report on the financial condition of the state's public colleges and universities. SCHEV has proposed a 1 per cent tuition revenue reserve fund to protect against economic downturns. Rose said he supported the proposal. 
    • Recognized three board members whose terms expire June 30 and who are not eligible for re-appointment: Rector Paul Chiapparone of Plano, Texas; Charles H. Cunningham of Fairfax; and Mark D. Obenshain of Harrisonburg. 
    • Said that JMU has again met all of the state's financial management standards. JMU is one of only two state colleges that have met all the standards since they were put into place, Rose said. 

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