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Madison Money Manager

Madison Money Manager or M3 is our new system to process payments, receive refunds, view your statements, and check your account balance. This system is totally new and your authorized user accounts won't transfer over to M3. Please visit our FAQ's page and it will take you through the steps to access your account and set the authorized users up. Please go to the site that pertains to you below. 

Student Access


*Please go into your Student Center and under the finances section click on M3 - My Student Account

Student Video for M3 is Here!

Authorized Users

Authorized User Site

Authorized User/Parent Video for M3 is Here!

Guest Payer

Guest Payment Site 

*You will need the student's ID number and last name to make payment through this site

*Note: You will not see the outstanding balance. 

Admission Deposits 

Payment Plan

If you want more information on the payment plan please visit it's home page!


If you have questions about M3, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions site.

If you have other HighOne questions please go to HigherOne's webpage and select the Support link at the top and choose ''Students & Parents'. From this page, you will see all the topics that are covered.

For further questions please call HigherOne at 1-800-339-8131

For further questions about the payment plan please call HigherOne at 1-877-821-0625.


Staff Use Only