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2016 Undergraduate Summer Sessions

2016 Graduate Summer Sessions

Ten-week term:

May 16 – July 22

Twelve-week term:

May 16 – August 5

Eight-week term:

May 16 – July 8

Eight-week term:

June 13 – August 5

Six-week term:

June 13– July 22

1st Six-week term:

May 16 – June 24

1st Four-week term:

May 16 – June 10

2nd Six-week term:

June 27 – August 5

2nd Four-week term:

June 13 – July 8

1st Four-week term:

May 16 – June 10



2nd Four-week term:

June 13 – July 8


NOTE:  The official start date of the 2016 summer session has been changed from May 16th to May 9th.  The May 9th start date only pertains to select 1-credit hour lab offerings which run from May 9th through May 13th.  The change does NOT change the session dates listed above.  All summer sessions will begin and end on the dates cited above.  Course dates are listed on the class search schedule.


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Welcome to the James Madison University summer session information entry point.   This Web site is intended to serve as easy access to summer session information for all students, those currently enrolled with JMU and non-degree seeking students interested in taking courses during the summer.   

 The summer session offerings at James Madison University make it easy for you to plan ahead.  Many of JMU's most popular and high demand courses are offered in the summer.  We offer traditional classroom formats, online formats and study abroad summer opportunities.  Understand, however, summer sessions cover the same amount of material as in a sixteen-week term during the academic year, so come prepared for an intensive classroom experience.  Current JMU students enroll in summer courses as per their registration appointment.  Summer-only students may begin enrolling May 1, 2016 if they have completed the application process.    




Current JMU Students taking summer courses




If you are currently a JMU student, this website will allow you to access information about the summer schedule so you may plan in advance for your fall and spring semester courses. 

Register via MyMadison as you do any other semester.  You will receive your enrollment appointment for summer session in  March. In order to help you plan your future semesters, you will find a listing of all courses regularly offered during the summer sessions.  Understand, however, these courses are a guideline and not a guarantee that you will be enrolled in the course.  As we approach the middle of the spring semester, you will also find special courses offered by each department. 

To find your JMU summer class, go to Course Listings and then enroll via MyMadison. 


Incoming Transfer Students




If you have been admitted for the fall semester but would like to start your academic career with JMU in the summer, contact one of the following offices to have your admit term changed to the summer term.  

  • If you have paid your JMU deposit, email the Office of the Registrar at to request a change in your admit term.  The email must come from your official JMU email account. 
  • If you have not paid your JMU deposit yet, contact Ms. Linda Gorton, Office of Admissions at

Please note: If you intend to take a mathematics class at JMU, you must complete the MathPlacement Exam prior to enrolling.  Learn more about the JMU Placement Exams at




Summer-only Students (non-degree seeking)



Summer-only students are those currently not seeking a degree from JMU but who wish to take a course during the summer session.  These students may include, but are not limited to:

· students who attend another college or university (undergraduate or graduate level) and wish to transfer the credit received to their home school

· high school students

· teachers and school administrators

· international students

· individuals not seeking a degree who want to enhance their personal knowledge

Summer-only students must repeat the application process every summer.  To find a JMU summer course, go to the JMU Summer Session Course Listings

Once you find the course for you, you must first complete the Application Process and then proceed to the Enrollment Process.  


Summer-only students may enroll in classes beginning May 1st.