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Supervisor Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a receipt from the Social Security Administration verifying the student’s social security number and legal name acceptable as supporting documentation for the I9 form?

    If an employee is unable to present a required document (or documents), the employee must present an acceptable receipt in lieu of a document listed on the List of Acceptable Documents.  Employees must present receipts within three business days of the date employment begins and must present valid replacement doucments within 90 days or other specified time.  When completing the I9, in Section 2, the supervisor will write the document and "receipt" to indicate a receipt was used and the form will be updated once the receipt is received.    Return to top

    If a driver’s license expires, is the I9 still valid?

    Yes and no.  The I-9 is still valid if the driver's license was unexpired when the I9 form was completed and expired after form completion.  To complete the I9 form, all documents from List A, B and C must be unexpired to be used as acceptable documents for form completion.   Employees cannot use an expired driver's license to complete an I9 form when hired.  Return to top

    Is it necessary to submit a position description for every student employee?

    Yes. A signed position description must be submitted with the Personnel Action Request (PAR) form for every new hire or re-hire. You will also need to complete a position description if the student has been promoted or if there is a change in job duties.

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    Can a student start working if the employment paperwork has NOT been completed?

    A student can only work three days without completed employment paperwork.

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    Should an Institutional Employment student employee and a FWS student employee be paid the same?

    In accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, if employees are performing the same duties, then they should be paid equally.

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    What is the maximum number of hours a student employee can work a week?

    A student can work up to 20 hours a week during the Fall and Spring semesters.

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    Can a hiring department employ FWS students during the summer?

    No. The Student Work Experience Center does not offer federal work study during the summer.  If you currently have a FWS student that would like to work over the summer, we suggest you hire them as an Institutional Employment (IE) or wage employee. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Work Experience Centr at 568-3269 or email studentjobs@jmu.edu.

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    How long do supervisors need to keep the application and screening material for students hired?

    Student Employment recommends supervisors to maintain student employee files for 3 years after the student leaves their position. Employers may call supervisors to obtain a reference on the student.

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    Do I need to evaluate my student employees?

    Student Employment highly recommends supervisors to evaluate their student employees once every semester. It is a way to make sure your students are not in the dark regarding their performance. A sample evaluation form can be found on the Student Employment website, however you can use your own version if you prefer.

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    Do I need to send student evaluations to the Student Work Experience Center?

    No. Student Employment does not keep files on any student employee. We recommend you holding on to your student’s evaluations for future reference.

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