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Remove Job Form

Employers will need to complete this form to remove your current job posting from the Job Announcement Website. If you hired a JMU student, we ask you to please provide the following information: Number of students hired, the approximate start date, the pay rate, and the approximate number of hours the student(s) will work each week.

If you have any questions, please call 568-3269 or email studentjobs@jmu.edu.

* Indicates response is required.

*Company Name:
*Job Title:

Contact Person:
Phone Number:
Email Address:

The following questions are used to provide information to the federal government in an annual report.

*Did you hire any JMU students for this


If you DID NOT hire any JMU students, please type "n/a" in the required (*) answer fields for the following questions:

*How many students did you hire?
*What is the student's pay rate?
*How many hours (on average) does
the student(s) work?

What was the student's approximate
start date?


We thank you for your interest in JMU students!