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  • Note: If you have student employees whose contract has ended or has transfered from your department to another,please remember to complete the Checklist for Supervisors of Transferring or Separating Employees as soon as the student employee has stopped working in your office. This form is to be kept in the student employees personnel file within the department.
  • Reminder- If you have student employees whose contract has ended, or will end and will no longer be working for you or your department, please remember to remove their access from any Peoplesoft System (HRMS, SA, Finance, etc.). Please complete the IS Access Request Form to remove access.
  • Note: The 2015 W-4 Form has been updated. Any New Hire Student Employee starting on or after 1/1/2015 must use the 2015 W-4 Form.

    Hiring Paperwork

    Download forms, New Hire paperwork checklist, Re-Hire paperwork checklist, Graduate Assistantships

    Sample Forms

    FWS hour tracking spreadsheet, Sample Evaluation form, Student Agreement, Timesheet, Sample PAR form, Student Employee Disciplinary Report Form

    Recruitment Issues

    Interviewing and Hiring Tips, Sample Interview Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    JobLink Resources

    Instructions to "create" and "fill" postings

    Special Employment Issues

    Student Employee Accident Reporting, Hiring International Students, Transfer & Separation from Employment for Student Employees (separation checklist)

    Other Resources

    Newsletters, Join the Listserv, Position Numbers, Supervisor Handbook for Student Employment, Student Employee Handbook, FICA Exemption, Payroll Calendar