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Your resume serves as your tool to market yourself to potential employers. The first step to acquiring part-time employment while continuing your studies is to develop a resume that summarizes your relevant academic and extracurricular experiences while demonstrating your written communication skills and professionalism to potential employers.

Tips for preparing a resume and example formats are provided in the following resource to help you get started with constructing a resume that best presents your unique set of skills and experiences:

Visit the Career & Academic Planning website to obtain guidelines for what to include on your resume; tips for formatting, writing and printing your resume; and sample resumes.

Cover Letters

The cover letter can play an essential role in your correspondence with employers. While the resume provides an overview of your background, the cover letter allows you the opportunity to highlight those aspects of your background that are specifically relevant to the position you are seeking. A well-written letter can motivate an employer to further investigate your potential as a candidate for their opportunity.

Read How to Write a Cover Letter on the Career & Academic Planning's website.

For more information and resources regarding resumes and cover letters, please visit the Career & Academic Planning website.