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massanutten resort

Ski or Snowboard Instructor


Physical Address:  4620 Massanutten Drive, Massanutten, VA  22840

 Mailing Address:  P O Box 1227, Harrisonburg, VA  22803-1227

Contact Information:

Paul Crenshaw

Email:  pcrenshaw@massresort.com

Website:  www.massresort.com

   Job Description:

Share your love of winter sports with adults and children by teaching ski or snowboard lessons.  Basic skiing or riding skills needed, we teach you how to teach and improve your personal skiing/riding skills.  Instructors are paid only when they are teaching.  We try to provide daily training for our staff. 

Requirements:  Have a nice personality, be professional in dealing with our guests and fellow staff members and have strong communication skills.  You must be willing to have one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  All applicants will go through a 2 day training session on snow. 

Pay rate / Hours:

Pay:  $9.25/hr part-time; $11.25/hr full time. 

Hours per week:  lessons run 9 am to 8pm

Specific hours:  work 20-40 hours per week

Duration:  must commit to entire season, December to March 16, 2014. 

How to apply / Additional information:


Because of our business needs, we teach many more ski lessons than snowboard lessons, so the need for ski instructors is greater than for snowboard instructors.  If you do both consider trying out on skis.