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Hall Haven

Mentor / Aide


3445 Ridgeline Drive, Harrisonbug, VA 22802

Contact Information:

Contact Name:  N.C. Hall

Email:  hallhaven5@gmail.com

Phone:  540-271-4977

Job Description:

Looking for a positive role model / mentor for my teenage son.  He is very happy, energetic and fun to be around.  My son is a special needs slow learner.   

Duties include: fixing snacks, giving medication.  Encourage and facilitate social interaction/play.  Outings will include going to the park, swimming pool, and other recreational activities.  My son is very curious, intelligent, and very fast.  Safety is a top priority since he is at extreme elopement risk and is not always aware of unsafe situations. 

Requirements:  Positive/assertive attitude, energetic and loves interacting with children.  Previous experience with special needs people / childcare a plus but not required. Patience and good problem-solving skills.


Pay: $8.86

Hours per week:  varies, 10-35+ per week

Specific Hours:  Flex-schedule, varies

Duration:  year round position

How to Apply:

Email and/or mail resume, or phone call