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After School Team Leaders

Contact Information:

Brent Holsinger

Email: work@beyondthebellharrisonburg.com

Website:  www.beyondthebellharrisonburg.com

Job Description:

POSITION OVERVIEW: Team leaders are lead staff for the Beyond the Bell afterschool programs at Thomas Harrison Middle School, and work closely with school faculty, families and volunteers to strengthen students academic performance and support their overall social development. 

Each team leader is responsible for leading approximately 12-15 students through purposeful programming, including: structured academic support, enrichment projects, team-building and sports activities.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Youth Developer: Team leaders build strong relationships with their students, serving as positive mentors and role models by encouraging a of learning, cooperation, focused effort and developing students leadership ability.  Team leaders work closely with families, teachers, and community members in support of student growth and achievement.

Instructional Leader: Team leaders create a safe, positive learning environment that responds to the individual needs of students and celebrates effort, growth and achievement in a team setting.  This is accomplished through the use of:  clear, consistent learning procedures; engaging curriculum; appropriate classroom management practices, effective student engagement strategies.  Team leaders serve as academic coaches, who motivate students to succeed by leading and teaching students through varied learning environments and experiences. 

Community Builder: Team leaders create new learning opportunities by making community connections, serving as a professional and reliable bridge between the schools and the broader community.  This may involve recruiting homework help tutors, setting up field trips, or encouraging citizens to volunteer by teaching an enrichment course about their profession or hobby.

Qualifications / Requirements:

Strong candidates for this position will demonstrate the following characteristics:  knowledge of, and commitment to the Beyond the Bell programs mission and goals; demonstrated ability to engage, lead and instruct children individually and in groups; commitment to student achievement and youth development; willingness to learn students math and language arts content; demonstrated desire and ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people; organization and time management skills;  proficiency in Spanish a plus.


Pay: $11.16/hr

Hours per week: 5-15 hours per week. (2-4 afternoons per week) Specific hours:  3p-5:30p

Duration: January 2014 - May 2014.

How to Apply:

The Team leader job description and application are available onlne at:  www.beyondthebellharrisonburg.com

Please submit your completed application and resume via email to Brent Holsinger, Program Director, at work@beyondthebellharrisonburg.com. You may contact Mr. Holsinger with questions regarding the position at 540-246-9210.

Start date for Team Leaders is mid January 2014.