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Eckert family

Therapist and Aide


In Reherd Acres, near Country Club Road and Vine Streets, Harrisonburg, VA

Contact Information:

Jan Eckert

Email: eckertj2@verizon.net

Job Description & Requirements:

I am looking for someone with Special Education background to work with my 15-year old daughter who happens to be both blind and have PDD (on the autistic spectrum).  The position would have 2 components- 1): to help my daughter work on daily living, self-care skills and be a "Big Sister" to her (take her places and have fun with her), and 2): to implement Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) with her (this is the therapist part).  RDI is an approach that helps develop new neurological pathways in the brain that bypass/override the autistic pathways already established.  Rather than just being a therapy, it is a mode of interacting.  There is the option of receiving formal training in RDI from a certified RDI consultant if time and inclination allow.


- Experience working with individuals who have special needs (e.g.; SPED, Speech and Language, OT)

- Is reliable and mature

- Has a car and a clean driving record

- Has a flexible schedule

- Is able to read non-verbal communication and is comfortable w/someone who uses minimal verbal communication

- Is creative and patient

- Is self-motivated

- Is interested in learning/applying the principles of RDI

Big Sisters will need to fill out an attendant application with Public Partnerships in order to work.                     

Pay rate:

Pay:  $8.40/hour or current Medicaid rate

Specific Hours:  I am looking for someone who could take shifts beginning September 2013.  Specific needs will depend on where I have gpas in the schedule.  The daily shifts are 4:15p-6pm (Monday-Thursday), Friday 1p-5p and Saturday 1:30p-4:30p.  I am also looking for someone who could work during Maymester, and possibly this summer and continue on into the 2014-2015 academic year.  There is also the opportunity for occasional night time babysitting.

  How to Apply:

Email:  eckertj2@verizon.net

Additional information:  Please send an email 1) describing your experience working with special needs children, 2) why you are interested in this job 3)  include your year, your major, and your schedule / availability (i.e., now, May, summer, next year, etc.).  4) provide your contact information 5) contact information for 3 references.