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Eckert family

Therapist and Aide


In Reherd Acres, near Country Club Road and Vine Streets, Harrisonburg, VA

Contact Information:

Jan Eckert

Email: eckertj2@verizon.net

Job Description & Requirements:

Potential for Spring Semester start, but Full-time Summer Job Opportunity (June 8-August 24) with the possibility of continuing on a part-time basis in the Fall '15)

I am looking for someone with Special Education background to work with my 16-year old daughter who happens to be both blind and have PDD (on the autistic spectrum).  The position would have 2 components- 1): to help my daughter work on daily living, self-care skills and be a "Big Sister" to her (take her places and have fun with her), and 2): to implement Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) with her (this is the therapist part).  RDI is an approach that helps develop new neurological pathways in the brain that bypass/override the autistic pathways already established.  Rather than just being a therapy, it is a mode of interacting.  There is the option of receiving formal training in RDI from a certified RDI consultant if time and inclination allow.  Applicants must be willing to learn how to implement RDI.


- Have experience working with individuals who have special needs (e.g.; SPED, Speech and Language, OT)

- Be reliable and mature

- Have a car and a clean driving record

- Be able to read non-verbal communication and be cofortable w/someone who uses minimal verbal communication

- Be creative and patient

- Be self-motivated

- Is interested in learning/applying the principles of RDI

Big Sisters will need to fill out an attendant application with Public Partnerships in order to work.                     

Pay rate:

Pay:  $8.40/hour or current Medicaid hourly rate for Virginia

Specific Hours:  (Summer)7:15am - 5:15 pm (M-Th) and 7:15 - 4:00(Fri).  In addition, there are 2 away campus (both 1-week long) that my daughter attends--the aide would be expected to accompany my daughter to these camps.

The successful applicant would be eligible to start working, on a limited basis, this semester and during Maymester.

  How to Apply:

Email:  eckertj2@verizon.net

Additional information:  Please send an emai that includes the followingl 1) your experience working with special needs children, 2) why you are interested in this job 3)  your major and your year (freshman, soph, jr, sr), 4) your schedule / availability (i.e., what days you would be free to work).  5) your phone number 6) e-mail contact information for 3 references. 

Please note:  We have 3 cats.