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Filling out the I-9 Form Correctly

The I-9 form must be completed on or before the employee's first day of work. All new employees are required to complete this form. The Office of International Programs (International Students & Scholars) will complete the I-9 form for international students.

Please remember:

  • No white out is allowed. Please cross out mistakes and initial and date it.
  • Only blue or black ink is allowed. Please do not type it.
  • No highlighter.
  • Please print the I-9 on white paper. The list of acceptable documents should be copied on the back of the form so that the employee is able to review them.
  • Please download the form from the Student Employment Website to ensure you are using the most recent version.
  • The employer is responsible for viewing original documents.
  • The employer is not able to request specific documents. Employees are able to choose any document from the list of acceptable documents (either one document from List A or a document from List B and List C).
  • Due to the implementation of E-Verify, the following is now required:

       1.   All new hires are now required to provide a social security number in Section 1. 

         2.  ANY List B document that employees present to show identity MUST contain a photo. 

       3.  The hiring department will need to make a copy of the documents presented and attach to the I9. 

Reasons the I-9 form may be returned to you:

  • An old version of the I-9 form is used.
  • The I-9 form is filled out using pencil or ink in colors other than blue or black.
  • Any part of the I-9 form, other than the business address, is typed.
  • The I-9 form is a fax or copy. Only originals will be accepted.
  • Any applicable portion of Section 1 is left blank:
    • Address is not their home address (i.e. work address)
    • No date of birth
    • Not checking off the work authorization box
    • Not entering Alien or Admission numbers when needed
    • Not entering the work eligibility expiration date when needed
    • Missing employee’s signature or date
    • Transposing the date of signature with the date of birth
    • No social security number
  • Section 2 Problems:
    • Insufficient document title (i.e. Driver’s License).
    • Lack of issuing authority, document # or expiration dates, when needed
    • Only List B filled in or only List C filled in.(Remember, it must be B + C)
    • Filling in List B with a List C document or vice versa.
    • Lack of signature, printed name, title, business/organization name, and date the employer signs.

Take the I-9 Tutorial.