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Student Affairs and University Planning Committees

Student Affairs and University Planning committees aim to facilitate collaboration and improve the services offered throughout the Division. Contact Dawn Miller if would like more information on any of the committees listed below.

Professional Development Committee

The Division of Student Affairs and University Planning (SAUP) Professional Development Committee plans, implements and evaluates professional development activities for the Division. Divisional professional development activities are intended to complement but not duplicate Academic Affairs or Training and Development programs. Interest from both classified and AP staff is very much needed.

Marsha Mays-Bernard (Chair), Hillary Bride, Janice Garrison, David Gillette, Tracy Hakala, Jacob Loorimirim, Michael McCleve, Dawn Miller, Matt Skirven

SAUP Diversity Council

The SAUP Diversity Council is a part of the University-wide diversity effort that emanates from the President’s Office. The council is composed of representatives from all departments in the division and meets monthly. Sub-committee and special project work occurs throughout the year and the time commitment for that varies depending on the project. This working group provides the division with recommendations for creating an environment, developing trainings, programs and services focusing on increasing multicultural competency amongst staff, assessing staff needs, and recognizing work done within SAUP to further diversity initiatives.

Steven Krzanowski (Co-Chair), Marsha Mays-Bernard (Co-Chair), Marcus Anderson, Dakota Bennett, Amber Connors, Glenda Cosby, Chris Ehrhart, Lesley Eicher, Sasha Griffith, Sylvia Hanna, Jerrod Koon, Anna Lehnen, Annette Liskey, Dawn Miller, Matt Trybus, Chervon Moore, Dee Nilsen, Kristin Sowden, Carolyn Wallace

Community with IDEAS Newsletter

Our Division's values are:

Academic Quality
Student Focus

The bi-annual newsletter highlights achievements, outreach, and new IDEAS for the Division of Student Affairs and University Planning. It has also been used to recognize individuals in the division for various accomplishments and life events. Additionally, it supports the ongoing efforts related to the division’s values by highlighting how the values can/should impact workplace behavior and decisions. This has and continues to be a team effort. Many people are needed to make this publication happen.

Marsha Mays-Bernard (Chair), Cover Heishman, Dawn Miller, Ann Simmons

Community Development Committee

The Community Development Committee focuses on community related issues such as: Spirit Days, welcoming new employees to the division, the spring picnic, winter event and $6 Fridays at D-Hall & E-Hall.

Marsha Mays-Bernard (Chair), Bonnie Powell, Laura Yu Hickerson, Dawn Miller, Katie Musar, Sarah Orem, Jonathan Strine

SAUP Awards & Recognition Team

We have much to celebrate in our division, and we all know many people who are making great contributions to student learning and student development. The SAUP Awards and Recognition Team (ART) has developed awards to recognize contributions and celebrate our values and victories.

Randy Mitchell (Chair), Jim McConnel, Marsha Mays-Bernard, Brian Charette, Bryan Brown, Chris Campbell, Lou Hedric, Paige Hawkins, Katie Musar