Subcommittee reports should be concise and answer basic questions:

  • Specifically, how did the subcommittee conduct research in support of the committee?
  • What findings/conclusions were drawn as a result of the research? (What appears to be true about the unit from the subcommittee's study standpoint?)
  • What recommendations would the subcommittee make to the full committee for the unit’s performance based on the subcommittee's work?

Primary Subcommittee Report

  • Program Review Subcommittee name, chair and members
  • Research description, methodology, chronology, etc.
  • Key subcommittee findings - Relevant statements of apparent fact related to the study based on trends from research. May reflect departmental strengths, departmental weaknesses constituent perceptions, etc.
  • Key subcommittee recommendations based on findings - Should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Framed
  • Appendices
    •  Raw research data/results (Raw subcommittee notes from focus groups, survey results, notes from interviews, etc.)
    • Other supporting notes and research results 

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