Program reviews in Student Affairs consist of two phases. The first phase, covering approximately 90-100 days, includes the unit self-study, which results in a final report (the self-study binder). The second phase is the committee process, covering approximately 90 days.

A committee member may be invited to serve based on several qualifications:

  • Knowledge/expertise related to the department's work
  • Experience as a department constituent
  • A particular area of research expertise
  • The willingness/ability to offer helpful feedback to improve department performance.

Expectations of committee members during this phase include:

  • Read the self-study binder carefully
  • Serve as sub-committee chair or sub-committee member
  • Attend committee and subcommittee meetings
  • Participate in research
  • Assist in the writing of the sub-committee report for submission to the committee chairs along with the raw data
  • Using professional experience, understanding, and the results of the sub-committee's research, provide input into the drafting of the initial report (executive summary, findings, recommendations)
  • Provide input into the completion of the final report

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