Self-Study Phase

  • Meet with AVP and director by deadline
    • Learn about the unit
    • Confirm dates and deadlines in detail
    • Discuss the make-up of the program review committee and brainstorm names
    • Talk through expectations for self-study and contents of binder
    • Determine external standard to be used
    • Discuss whether there will be an external reviewer and the nature of that plan
    • Discuss whether there will be a special focus
  • Schedule first Phase 2 committee meeting
  • Coordinate with AVP to send invitation letter to committee invitees
  • Establish committee meeting dates
  • Determine any subcommittees
  • Work with director to coordinate external review dates and deadlines.
  • Contact external reviewer and schedule review

Committee Phase

  • Ensure the committee is aware of and meets deadlines
  • Receive and distribute self-study binder. Read it and encourage committee members to do the same
  • Along with the committee, determine the research tools to be used
  • Keep in close contact with sub-committee chairs to ensure compliance with deadlines
  • Conduct committee meetings
  • Collect and collate data from sub-committees
  • Receive report from external review (if applicable)
  • Based on research and committee member input, draft the initial report by the given deadline
  • Establish final meeting date with Mark, AVP, and director


  • Send draft report to AVP and director for review and recommendation
  • Finalize report and send to Mark, AVP, director, committee members, Brian, and Tina.
  • Meet with Mark, AVP and director for the determination of which recommendations will become unit objectives to be entered into the planning database.

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