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Please note that the Dean of Students office location has changed to: Student Success Center 3rd Floor, Rm 3010

The Office of the Dean of Students supports student learning and interpersonal growth that creates engaged and enlightened citizens and provides support, guidance and advocacy for the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices. This office responds to the informational and personal concerns of students, parents, faculty and staff. Staff in the Office of the Dean of Students are committed to helping students and others in the areas of:

  • Supporting and advising students and families in crisis and/or challenging situations
  • Referring students to resources to increase the likelihood of their success
  • Facilitating communications and connections with university personnel and departments
  • Assisting students who are considering withdrawing from the university prior to the end of the semester. The student and staff member discuss personal, financial, and academic implications including pertinent policies and procedures directly involved with their withdrawal
  • Notifying faculty of extended absences from class when a student is incapacitated or experiencing extraordinary circumstances over the course of several days. Such notifications are sent as a convenience for the student, but do not excuse the student's absence. It is the responsibility of the student to contact each professor upon their return regarding the professor's policy for missed classes, assignments, etc.
  • Consulting with faculty, staff and students regarding distressed and disruptive students; referrals to appropriate resources.

For assistance with any of these items please contact Ashley Stovall, Gloria Mast or Dr. Josh Bacon.

Contact Information

Phone: 540-568-6468
Fax: 540-568-6538


Ashley K. Stovall, Assistant Dean of Students:
Gloria Mast, Associate Dean of Students:
Dr. Josh Bacon, Dean of Students:

Office Location: Student Success Center, Room 3010

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