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  • Begining June 1st Student Employment will NOT accept an ePAR for a sudent employee that has not completed the I9 process in full.  In addition, all required documents MUST be attached to the ePAR or in the Student Employment office.  If both of these requirements are NOT met, we will immediately recycle the ePAR's and not accept resbumissions of the ePAR until these requirements have been met.  In the event that a department submits the ePAR 3 times without the requirements being met, Student Employment will REJECT the ePAR; requiring the department to complete a new ePAR.
  • New hire students are not eligible to work until the I9 process has been completed. We are out of compliance with the Federal Government when a student works without the I9 process being completed. Audits have recently been completed that shows many students working before the completion of the I9 process. It is the responsibility of the departments to prohibit students from working until you receive the confirmation email from that the I9 process has been completed.
  • Click here to view the 2017-2018 Supervisor Handbook for Student Employee Supervisors
  • Click here to view the 2017 - 2018 Student Employee Handbook
  • Note: The Checklist for Supervisors of Transferring or Separating Employees needs to be completed for any transfering or separating student employee. All departments MUST complete the Checklist if a student employee is leaving your department or going on break over the summer.

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