In the Voices of Scholarship series, you can hear Dr. Dan Downey talk about the negative effects that acid rain can have on local natural resources and landmarks, as well as mitigation strategies. And Dr. Cheri Beverly discusses her lifelong commitment to developing culturally competent citizens and educators, with a focus on access to learning and information. 

The following are three examples of significant scholarly contributions to sustainability teaching and learning by five JMU faculty:

  • Dr. Pete Bsumek was honored with the 2014 J. Robert Cox Award in Environmental Communication and Civic Engagement presented by the Environmental Communication Division of the National Communication Association.  Criteria for the award include “commitment to environmental issues through organizational leadership, service and/or activism.”  Dr. Bsumek was also honored with the 2014 Chistine L. Oravec Award from the Environmental Communication Division of the National Communication Association for the best environmental communication article or book chapter of the year.
  • One of the eight textbooks that received 2016 Most Promising New Textbook Awards, which recognizes excellence in 1st edition textbooks and learning materials, from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association, was  "Engineering Applications in Sustainable Design and Development" (Cengage Learning) by Dr. Bradley Striebig, Dr. Adebayo A. Ogundipe and Dr. Maria Papadakis, of JMU. 
  • Dr. Eric Pappas conducts an extensive research effort to enhance sustainability teaching and learning  and is principal investigator for the 2012-2017: “Research into Instructional Content and Methodologies for Teaching Sustainability” from the National Science Foundation (Engineering Education) for $431,000.  Co-PIs are Nagel, R., Benton, M., Pappas, J., and Frazier, H.  

The OESS includes contributions in external reporting and other recognitions. Student and faculty highlights can be submitted at any time to

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