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BA (Women's Studies), UNC-Chapel Hill
MA (Sociology), UNC-Chapel Hill
PhD (Sociology), UNC-Chapel Hill

  • The Development of Sociological Thought and Method
  • Microsociology
  • The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • The Sociology of Gender
  • The Sociology of Interpersonal Violence

Race/Class/Gender Inequality, Symbolic Interaction, Social Psychology, Community Studies, Qualitative Methodology, Media, Social Theory, Public Sociology


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Other Publications (non-peer reviewed):
Ezzell, Matthew. (Spring, 2008). “Get Reel: Sex and Violence in a Pornified Culture.” The Siren: Women and Men United in the Struggle for Full Gender Equality and Justice for Women.

Ezzell, Matthew. (Fall, 2007). “Pornography and the Rape Culture, In Brief.” The Center Line, a Journal of the Orange County Rape Crisis Center, Chapel Hill, NC.

Ezzell, Matthew. (2004). “Problems with Playboy.” Lambda.Volume 27, Issue 2.

Ezzell, Matt & Pleasants, Bob. (2004, March 18). “Men Should Do More to Prevent Sexual Violence.” The Daily Tar Heel.

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