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We have launched a new integrated facebook page where soc/anth faculty, staff, students, the clubs, and alumni all join together to share news, excitement, and milestones. 

We already have photos of major work taking place on the exterior of Sheldon Hall, a surprise party for Sharon, and other tidbits. 



Alumni Giving

Find out how to contribute to the department by checking out the brand new Alumni page.


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Stay Connected

Welcome all past and present students of the JMU Department of Sociology and Anthropology! This is your interactive community for networking with fellow alumni, exchanging information and ideas, finding opportunities for professional development and recruiting current students.

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What have fellow Sociology and Anthropology alums been doing around the globe?


Support the Department

Thank you for visiting our new Alumni and Giving webpage!

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology relies on the generous support from our alumni and friends to carry out our mission and objectives. There are several ways you can support our Department. No donation is too small.

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Gifts designated to the Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology fill the gap for underfunded areas. These gifts are truly valuable because they grant the Department the flexibility to allocate funds to the areas with the most need.

Carl L. Harter Scholarship

Each year, this scholarship is awarded to a rising junior or senior who has declared a sociology or anthropology major, excels in their academic pursuits, and who has made important contributions to the fields of sociology or anthropology. This is a great honor for a student to receive and your gift to this scholarship will help our department carry on the tradition of recognizing outstanding students. This scholarship makes it possible for students to devote more time and energy into their pursuit of sociological and anthropological inquiries and engagement.

Our 2009 recipient, Lindsay Holt, reflected “Regardless of where I end up, I aim to make a positive impact in the world. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity this scholarship gave me to reach for those dreams. Thank you!” To read more about the importance of this scholarship to Lindsay, click here.

The Kay Veith Field Archaeology Award

Kay Veith was a member of the JMU community and has been active in working with the Archaeological Society of Virginia and students working through the JMU archaeology field program for decades. In honor of her retirement at JMU this award was established and has been funded by her many friends. The award is normally given to an undergraduate student in their junior year who has shown particular promise and enthusiasm for the field of archaeology and is awarded for use in their senior year at JMU. Donations made to this award go directly to assist students in meeting text book, tuition, or other academic needs.