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Risk Management

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Mission Statement

*Important Notice:

To request a Certificate of Insurance, please complete the Certificate of Coverage on-line form.

also VERIFICATION OF PAST INSURANCE COVERAGE instructions are included at the Certificate of Insurance link below.

The JMU Risk Management office provides assistance to the JMU community including:

  • Answer general questions regarding potential liability and insurance coverage.
  • Draft and approve certificates of insurance.
  • Review contracts, as indicated in the contract section, to determine risk transfer opportunities and adequate liability and insurance coverage.

    Also, Coordinate and assist with claims for and against the university including automobile liability (state-owned or rental vehicles), property loss (state-owned) and general liability (professional and/or medical malpractice.)

    Injuries, Accidents & Incidents


    Accident/Incident Report
    Personal Injury Accidents
    Student Accident Investigation Report
    Visitor/Guest Injuries/Incidents

  • Auto Accident Procedures
  • Automobile Accident Instruction Packets
  • Automobile Insurance

    Vehicle Insurance Tutorial

  • Risk Management Services

    For JMU employees: